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Discussion created by PeteS Advocate on Jun 19, 2018
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on the "license overview" page I can see two doughnut charts - Used Applications Breakdown and the other Compliance. Possibly like many of us SAM people, we need to show that things are improving and reporting back some useful KPIs back to senior management. I do like the Compliance doughnut as I feel it can be used to show progress, but want to know if other feel this is a good KPI to report on.


The compliance doughnut chart splits out the findings into 3 categories eg (green, amber and red):

Compliant (50%) - Green

Overlicensed (40%) - Amber

Underlicensed (10%) - Red


If it reported the above percentages, and I correct to say that the estate would therefore be 90% compliant?

Do any others use information from the widgets/charts to include in management reports?