Different ways to integrate with ITSM / Helpdesk

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An Integration with a given ITSM / Helpdeks solution is possible in different ways, depending on the expected data to be delivered into the ITSM / Helpdesk tool.

First off all, Snow has standard connectors available for ServiceNow, BMC RemedyForce or Topdesk to integrate with these solutions. But in some cases there are limited requirements, or customers are using a ITSM / Helpdesk, where Snow does not have a standard connector to date.


On scenario I see ofenten asked by customers is, that they having a ticketing system in place and are looking into capabilities to raise an incident automatically from Snow License Manager (SLM) based on thresholds defined in SLM. Therefore, a customer can define a notification to trigger SLM sending an email to a defined account based on a customer specific threshold. Notifications are available for the following objects/categories within SLM:

Use cases (including but not limited to):

Expiration of a software contract


Business requirement:

For a given vendor – such as Microsoft – an automatic ticket must be created from SLM 180 days prior to expiration date to ensure the renewal is triggered by the ticketing system.


In SLM a notification for the category “Agreement” must be defined for “Contractor=%Microsoft%” and with an “Expires within number of days=180”.

The Email address should be an email account for ITSM/ServiceNow that can receive emails on behalf of the ticketing system and that creates the respecting incident accordingly.


Expiration of a subscription


Business requirement:

Subscription having usually a 1-year subscription period. As subscriptions can start at any time an monitoring of upcoming subscription end dates is very important to ensure that required subscriptions can be prolonged and unused can be retired.


In addition to the above define an additional property “Subscription=YES”


Change alerting on licenses


Business requirement:

The License Manger must get automatic alert if a license is changed (updated) or deleted. In addition, an incident must be created automatically.


Use the category “License” in SLM and define the notification for “Updated” and “deleted”. In addition, add any required “Criteria”. To send a notification to multiple email addresses just add 2 or more appropriate email addresses to the notification.

Implementation effort


To implement the use cases on the SLM side consulting is not mandatory as this is a task a customer can easily execute after the Snow Standard End User Training or with help of the Snow User Manual. In the User Manual please see page 50f.