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Discussion created by PeteS Advocate on Jun 20, 2018
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on a regular basis I archive old computers, those that are about to drop off Snow so that I have a history of them if any questions should arise at a later date.

Looking at the "List All Users", it is a list that continues to grow as it has users that would have last logged on years back (some have since left the company, others could be admin accounts) . All the users are listed as "Active", but in reality that is incorrect, should I be manually managing the user list and setting the old users to a status as "Quarantined" or am I right to think this can be managed backend with a setting of "if not active since dd/mm/yyyy and then set to quarantined". If the latter, what would be best (not active for 120 days plus)?

Alternatively, should this just be left alone, personally I like to ensure we keep the data clean.