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Organization structure: "Legal Organization" flag

Question asked by Samuel on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by carola.iberl

Dear Community,

In the SMACC, it is possible to set up the structure of the organization and there is a tickbox that allows to define if a node represents a "Legal Entity" or not:



As a result now that this setting has been adjusted for all our nodes, I cannot select the nodes that are not a "Legal Entity" in the "Search for applications" or "Search for computers" menu in SLM, they are greyed-out. Strangely I can still select all the nodes from the "Search for licenses", including the non-legal-entity ones. Since I understand the legal entities are the ones that can legally own licenses, I would have expected the opposite behaviour. The issue now is that I cannot filter my search for computers or applications by location (level-2 sub-node), only by country (level-1 sub-node).


Am I missing something? Is that feature configured that way on purpose for the search menu? What purpose?

Thank you for your insight.