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Assignment SQL Server

Question asked by sven.schmitz on Jun 22, 2018
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A short question. How did you assign your SQL Server Licenses in your System.

We know that we have enough licenses for our SQL Applications but we still have the problem that our assignment did not work correct.


We would like to assign a few system regarding our Datecenter (physical), this Datacenter has 80 Cores and SQL Server Enterprise 2016 installed. So we have 2 Licenses, one has 56 Cores included, the second has 24 Cores included. So we can cover the 80 Cores of our Datacenter. If we assign this two licenses to the Datacenter and take a look to the Datacenter/Cluster we see that the license are assigned to it and cover the 80 Cores (in the Datacenter View). But the assignment still has no impact to our Compliance Overview for SQL Server. It shows us allways that it is not coverd or only parts are coverd. Is their another solution or still has someone an idea what is the problem ?