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CAL Assignment Best Practice

Question asked by kiran.bangera Advocate on Jun 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by Marcel Hirsch

We have 100 Windows server Device CAL and 50 Window Server User CAL I am bit confused on how we should assign these CAL. All device have access to Printer, Shared Drive so CAL will be needed by these system. But only issue is how to start gathering information to assign these CAL should I pull AD report and check system that are active for last 60 days and just take total count of devices? or should I get report from AD on share folder access for all users and count number of users? Also I can assign device CAL to all system scanned by snow any way all system will access shared folder or printer in our environment which makes them eligible to assign CAL. Assigning CAL is not that easy but if we want to prove to Microsoft what CAL we hold vs device/user how can we do that? What are things Microsoft will look in case they want to check if we are compliant for CAL?