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Unrecognised Bundle

Question asked by SnowCat Advocate on Jun 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by SnowCat

Another best practice question from me!

We have purchased 2 bundles from the same company with a total cost for all of it.


Bundle 1 - snow recognises this is a bundle.

-app within bundle 1 - snow recognises these are in a bundle and are licensed.


Bundle 2 - is not available on snow

-app within bundle 2 - recognised as licensed but not bundled

-app within bundle 3 - says not licensed and not bundled. (I know this should be licensed)

Now with the help of a fellow SAM'er with far more expertise than my own, I have changed the metric to licensed for app 3. I do not wish to bombard him with questions so asking the outer circle.


Now, should I ignore Bundle 2 and just license the applications separate? I was thinking of just adding app 2 and app 3 at the same quantity as the bundle (Bundle says 10,000 clients so i would do 10,000 for each) but with 0 cost and a note to state it is involved in the bundle.


Alternatively, shall I inform SNOW some way to try and get the bundle info added and corrected?


May I remind, I am still an absolute newbie!

Any answers much appreciated.