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User vs. Account

Question asked by Samuel on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by Marcel Hirsch

Dear all,


In our organization we have many users having several AD accounts. Some of them also log in to their devices using local accounts (especially with iMacs). The result is that the Snow agents report activity for those users under different usernames. This makes things difficult when it comes to assigning user licenses. We received confirmation from Snow that their product does not allow linking several accounts to a single user for the moment.


The entity we work with in Snow are supposed to be "Users" (see SLM menus) but in reality, Snow deals with "User Accounts" only. In my point of view, there is a concept completely missing there, the concept of "person". So instead of a "User/Account" mixture, I would like to see a clear distinction between "person" and "account" with one "person" able to match several "accounts".


I'm convinced we are not the only ones in this situation and I would like to understand how you guys work around this limitation. I would likle to avoid having to duplicate our licenses just for the sake of covering each account a given user owns.


Thank you for your comments