Snow Client - What Version Installed

Discussion created by PeteS Advocate on Jun 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by jorge.pascua


one would assume that if I wanted to know what version of the Snow agent I have installed, and then I could get this by several means within Snow.

So I listed all computers and added the "Snow Client Version" column. I could then filter on any that still have 3.7 and ensure we get these upgraded. I specifically looked at my machine and it showed I had 3.7 installed.

Upon drilling down further into the data for my machine I could see I actually had 3 version installed 5.3 (last use date of 20/06), 5.2 (last use date of 25/5) and 3.7 (no last use date).


Why does Snow display the older version of the Snow client when viewing all computers as mentioned above? I would personally prefer to see the version that is being used.