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Inventoried computers per month error after change in Org structure

Question asked by adam.penzes on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2018 by uwirtz

Last month I added new nodes in our organization structure in the SMACC. This changed the organizational grouping of every computer in our environment as it added an extra node level.


Once I logged into the SLM all the reports showed the correct number of computers with the updated organization groups. However, the report on the snowboard "Inventoried computers per month" showed that we now had twice the amount of computers having discovered all computers "again" as "New inventoried".



Thinking that this was just some error due to the change and that it would revert to the correct number the following month, I waited. Come next month, the report sais we have "previously inventoried" twice the amount of computers than we actually have. The report "List all computers" still shows the correct amount eg. half of "Inventoried computers per month" report.


Is there a fix for this?