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Capabilities of SMACC

Question asked by Sam90 on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by Oliver.Berger

Hello All,

We are looking for the capabilities of SMACC in terms of Snow Inventory and Snow License Manager and some additional queries:


a) Will SMACC deployment on the workstations contains access to both Snow Inventory and Snow License Manager configuration if the plugins for both Snow Inventory and Snow License Manager are copied to the workstation

b) Will we able to get the options like Stop master service, Change configuration, Change service account and remove master service by SMACC deployed on the workstation or these options are only provided by Snow Inventory Server Configuration Manager which is accessible from Snow Inventory Application server only

c) From connectivity perspective, the workstation must have connectivity to the database server. Any other pre-requisite in terms of connectivity


Any other remarks regarding SMACC deployment on workstation will be highly appreciated.