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User count per application keeps dropping

Question asked by SnowCat Advocate on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by SnowCat

Going through something very strange....

I keep noticing massive changes in data for applications. It seems the user count keeps changing.


e.g for a particular application

13th June - 20 users

28th June - 11 users

29th June - 21 users    (on this date, all the numbers seemed more likely true given the 13th June's numbers)

Today - 0 users.


We are not losing actual users. just on the user count for applications. The installation count stays more or less the same. No particular trend in which users stay or go.

All the applications seem to change synonymously with each other. so today a lot of those counts are at 0. I have no idea what I can expect for tomorrow!!

Does anyone have any possible idea as to why that could happen?

Anyone else experienced the same?