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Recording costs from multiple years of renewals

Question asked by ChaosWrangler on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by mark.bonham

I have several records

  1. Purchase of several different applications with perpetual entitlement, and embedded in to the total cost of each application is the cost of the licenses and the 1st year of maintenance.
  2. Year 2 cost to extend maintenance
  3. Year 3 cost to extend maintenance
  4. Year 4 cost to extend maintenance


I'd like to save labor time and reduce any inconsistencies in dates and costs and associate licenses to an agreement record, and with each renewal extend maintenance on the agreement record, which would cover the associated licenses.


I'd also like to have as much financial information as possible available for Snow's financial elements to use.


The quandary is how to record the costs of the 3 years of renewals without having to touch each and every license record, each year. I don't see any financial fields on the agreement; it's all on the license records.


And if I want to record the 3 years of maintenance costs on the Maintenance and Support tab of the license records, I have to disconnect the record from the date range of the agreement. Which now has me at the point where the agreement record is of no value other than for visually grouping the licenses.


I see two solutions


  • on the agreement record -
    • record the renewal details of PO, Invoice # and total cost in the Description field
    • add the new agreement period
  • on each license record -
    • in the 1 available Maintenance cost field add the new year's renewal cost to whatever happens to be there from the prior years. In my example that would be 3 years' worth of costs in 1 field.
    • if the renewal cost is 1 line for all the affected license records, I'll have to figure out how to break this 1 cost out across the affected records.


  • Don't record maintenance costs at all; update the agreement record only

I either save time, keep risk low, and lose out on cost reporting or I have cost reporting,  spend a lot of time editing license records individually, and introduce inconsistencies.


Am I missing something here?