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Cannot get Snow to send emails

Question asked by RobP on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by larned

Hello, I am trying to get Snow to send emails - reports, alerts, forgotten password, etc. I have configured the SMTP settings within the SMACC but cannot get mail to work.


I know the SMTP server details are correct as I can use a TELNET session to send mail from my snow server, via the smtp server, to myself. So clearly I'm mis-configuring somehow in the snow settings or I've missed something somewhere else within the snow system.


Frustratingly, there are no error messages, logs, or anything else, to hint at what the problem might be.


The way I am testing mail is to configure a report to send a mail a few minutes in the future, and then wait to see if the email gets through. When it inevitably fails I can see a message within Snow license manager scheduled reports section that says the latest export failed.


If anyone has any ideas how to troubleshoot this, or if there are some sneaky settings I should configure, please let me know.