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Question asked by GM72 Advocate on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by GM72

Hi all,


A few weeks back I noticed the "My notifications" option in the Administration section of the SNOW portal.

I created a report to send an email to a shared mailbox when any user deleted a device. The report works and I have been receiving emails as expected, which is great


I have however noticed something a little strange, and wodered if anyone else has seen the same.

I am receiving notifications via email to say a device has been deleted, when it has in fact been "Archived".

I understand that this may be deleted from the database table containing Active, Quarantined, Inactive devices, but I would have expected the terminology to be correct in the email. We do occasionally delete devices since during the build process, they may report into SNOW with an unconfigured device name (the name automatically provided by Microsoft when the device is first configured) and renamed later on.


It's not a big issue, but I'd like to know when someone has deleted a device, and when they have archived a device. In my eyes the two are different.