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Office 365 license allocation help!

Question asked by Shaz on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by mikael.ahlgren

Hi All,


I have signed up to the SNOW community after recommendation from our account manager to pick up any useful best practise advise.


I work for a community NHS trust and we invested in Office 365 licensing last year with a mixture of E3 and E1  licenses without any kind of profiling. The rollout project hasn't quite hit the timescales and in the first year we were only able to migrate the email platform to the cloud without the utilisation of any of the additional available tools.


After some further discussion at our just gone true up, we have scaled down our licenses to mainly E1s and some E3s as we are still running Office 2010 from and plan to sweat the licenses for it as long as possible.


I would just like some best practise advise from peers who have or are in the process of Office 365 license allocation. Our current challenges include:

Temporary workers being assigned an E1 license but only using their account once in a while.

Staff going to maternity leave and still retaining an E1 license for retention of mail.


Happy to provide more information and any help will be greatly appreciated!