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Detection of TS applications

Question asked by Samuel on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by Samuel

Dear Experts,


When I look at any TS application, I can see in the list under the Computers tab that it shows RDS servers but also desktop clients. I would have expected only RDS servers (the Office Suite bundles are the only exceptions I've found, they only shows on RDS servers).


In this situation, how to exactly know where TS applications are installed/used?

The one giving a logical explanation will enjoy my eternal gratitude!


Side note: It is already complicated enough to have to split our licenses between TS and non-TS ... I don't see why TS applications could not be included in the downgrade path of a non-TS license (e.g.: so that Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus could downgrade to TS-Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus and we don't have to split our licenses anymore )