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Question asked by mark.bonham Advocate on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by mark.bonham

We are looking at implementing Snow AP very soon and we have a few questions on how people have used this.


The scenario is all based around Adobe Creative Cloud and associated licenses. 


  • Full Creative Cloud
  • Single products  - know as point products


We have several things we would like to do (this is just some of the options):


  1. Has full Creative Cloud but at an earlier version but only uses certain parts - remove the unused and upgrade/update the used 
  2. Has full Creative Cloud but only uses one component - remove the rest and install as single point product
  3. Has several point products at any version and uses all - upgrade/update to latest version under Adobe Creative Cloud
  4. Has several point products at any version and uses none - remove the unused


Is anyone doing anything similar and how successful has it been?