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Multi-location licenses

Question asked by mark.bonham Advocate on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by mark.bonham

One of our licenses has, after some negotiation, changed from a single country to certain countries.  Rather than make it for the whole enterprise, it would be good if we could select locations to apply against.  Overall this is a fairly significant investment and would wish to ensure we have this correctly applied.


Current assignment is United Kingdom but need to add against a couple of regions.  The choices are:


  1. I create a license against each location/region - this is my fall back position
  2. Create it against whole entity - this leaves this open to non compliance and I am reluctant to do that
  3. Create a license but allow more than one location as the Legal Organisation - this is not currently available

Be interested to hear what others think and anything else I could do.