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API with write accesses

Question asked by TnJ8cR Advocate on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by Axel

Hello everybody,


we need an API that can also write to SNOW.
Unfortunately we are thinking about introducing an ITSM tool which also includes an AP.
However, the standard API of SNOW is read-only. In this way, SNOW cannot be triggered by a third-party tool.
Is it possible to get a writing API through the SNOW AP?


We would like to display the following:

- A computer leaves the company. An employee can now archive the computer in the service tool. In SNOW, a custome field is set to a different status and is archived. In addition, the computer in the AD is deactivated afterwards. (From ITSM to SNOW)


- A license has not been needed for more than x days. A ticket is opened in the ITSM tool to determine whether the license should continue to be used or whether it may be uninstalled. (From SNOW to ITSM)

- An installation is performed by the ITSM tool. A license assignment to the existing licenses in SNOW is carried out directly.


- In the offbording process, all licenses are removed from persons and computers.