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Site license covering 1 install only

Question asked by ChaosWrangler on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by ChaosWrangler

I have my license set to

  • quantity of 1,
  • metric is installations,
  • assignment is site,
  • node is root, and
  • auto allocate is yes.


There are 5,000 installs on the same application as the license so down/up grade is not the issue.

There is no org structure at the moment so auto-allocation or cross-node restrictions are not the issue.

I've run the recalc as well as waiting overnight incase there was an issue with the recalc.

I know our production is out of date version wise but our dev system was just updated to the most recent version 8.3.02.

The compliance report shows a license requirement of 5,000 and yet only 1 of those is covered by the license.


The site coverage field in the compliance report seems to point to the issue (it's 0, should be 1, right?) but not sure how to resolve. There isn't a switch in the system somewhere, right?