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Can one assign clients via site name

Question asked by david.husk on Aug 10, 2018
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Computers are being assigned back to root organization after data update job


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Computers return to root organization each morning after data update job has run, why is this happening?




Snow License Manager 8.X



If nothing else is in place, computers are associated to the root node.

This will be overridden by:

  •      Auto connect rules
    •      SMaCC > Administration > Organization, edit/double-click any node, click on the Auto Connect Rules
    •      any machine matching the rules of a node will be associated with that node
    •      any machine that matches more than one node's rules will be flagged as a 'conflict' on the specific rule's Preview tab. To be safe, this computer is associated with root until the conflict is resolved
  •      Inventory Source's Organization node
    •      SMaCC > Configuration > Inventory source, field Organization
    •      Whatever node is specified here, will override auto connect rules
    •      To get rid of this override, edit the source record, click on the 'x' next to the org node so you see "<Do not set>" as the value. Click ok.
  •      Disable auto editing function
    •      Computer's can be excluded from the auto connect rule code by checking a box on the computer record.
    • If viewed on Information tab, the Auto editing field.
      •      If 'Not active', the computer is not going thru the rules.
      •      If 'Active' the computer is going thru the rules.
    •      If viewed on the edited computer's General tab, the field 'Disable auto editing'.
      •      If checked, the computer is not going thru the rules.
      •      If not checked, the computer is going thru the rules.


Now to the questions: 

1) From the above it seems one could have the client assigned via org node by not setting the 'x' next to <Do not set>.  In which case the the org node would override the auto connect rules.


2) One could disable the auto connect rule by checking a box on the computer record.  In which case the auto connect would be ignored and the client would go to org node.


Or in short the org structure could be a limb of the tree like A-B-C

The site name could set in the client to be "B"

The auto connect rule could point anything going to B as sent to C

Whether the client goes to B or C would depend on

             a) by not setting the 'x' next to <Do not set>

             b) checking a box on the computer record


Does this work?