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CIS - Windows Server Proc Licences

Question asked by Craig Moss Advocate on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by ines.schaefer

Good Afternoon Snowmen (and women)!


I apologise, I know there have been several questions related to CIS (I have searched) but it's just such a pain in the...


Basically, I have noticed that my Windows Server estate is "non-compliant" according to SLM. I have identified the issue as being that, when added as a licence, SLM doesn't appear to be intuitive enough to count each CIS datacenter licence as covering two processors as the licence entitles. I have tried various settings to combat this but to no avail.


I'm looking for the tidiest solution to this. They easy option would be to double the amount of the licences and assign them accordingly and add some notes around it or to use "dummy licences" but I'd like to avoid doing that as I really don't like "falsifying" (for want of a better word) licences, it just adds another level of management and interpretation that complicates matters.


Is there a legitimate way to get this working correctly or does it take a bit of fiddling the figures to get it compliant? I'm sure there must be others who have encountered issues similar to this.


Thanks in advance!