Web App & SaaS metering in Australia (Privacy concerns)

Discussion created by EE on Aug 15, 2018
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Just hoping to hear from anyone who has deployed the Web Metering and SaaS detection capability within Australia, and if anyone experienced issues with privacy concerns from their users or employee advocates?

The Chrome Plug-in to activate Web application metering displays an icon on the toolbar that users can see, and will know they are being metered.  We have an acceptable use of tech policy which allows for some private use, but feel users will thing they are under surveillance 24*7 when they use the browser, not understanding that we only intend to record licensed SaaS and Web Application use for licensing purposes.

@Kadir Kirca has posted a great article on "best-practices-when-enabling-snow-cloud-application-metering", and there are other posts on privacy concerns raised in Germany, I just wanted to hear from anyone in Australia and what experiences you've had.