Management level reports

Discussion created by BjoSty on Aug 21, 2018
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Hi all,


I'm facing the challenge of presenting all the valuable information from Snow License Manager to managers and other stakeholders and I'm hoping to hear your input and ideas. My goal is to automatically deliver monthly or weekly reports that are easy to read and only contains the information that each manager needs to know. Obviously these are busy people with varying insight in the SAM-field.


The built in reports functionality gets me a long way towards this. All the data is there and with the possibility to add criteria and fields I'm currently leaning towards using Snows standard reports as-is and not going creating new ones in SQL. But when presenting them they need to be somewhat "cleaned up". Maybe some nice colours and informative graphs and stuff… :) I would love to see the possibility to extract reports with the look and feel from the Summary-views in the web interface with your own logos.


But right now, as I see it, I'm left with the following alternatives:


  1. Import data (using Excel Power query for example) from the reports into another Excel spreadsheet with my preferred layout and graphs before sending them on
  2. Give access directly to Snow License Manager, teach them to extract data from the GUI. However I think it's unlikely that everyone will find the time to do this.
  3. Schedule the reports to be sent directly from SLM to the managers, teach them to interpret them.


Other possibilities could be creating reports in Crystal Reports.


So, how do you go about presenting your SAM reports to management?