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License requirement yes Compliance 0

Question asked by ChaosWrangler on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by ChaosWrangler

Any suggestions on where to look to explain how I can have a Compliance of 0, a License requirement of 28 with no licenses, transfers, or bundle coverage?


We're on the most recent of everything although the clients may be a bit old but that shouldn't not affect the compliance calcs.

Compliance ribbon

No licenses to cover the installs

Licenses tab, purchases view

No down or upgrade transfers

Licenses tab, Transfers view

No Remarks to show bundle or other types of coverage

Licenses tab, Tracking view

Computers tab


How is it that the ribbon says requirement of 28 and the Compliance tab says a requirement of 0? Aren't they supposed to match? I know there have been disconnects between the ribbon  and tab details in the past, but didn't see any comments about this in the forum.

Compliance tab Details view


What am I forgetting to look at? Do I need to take this to Support?