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connected objects from MS-WINDOWS7-PC to MS-WINDOWS10-PC

Question asked by r.oeinck on Aug 22, 2018

how we can take the connected "objects" from an updated PC (MS-WINDOWS7 to new MS-WINDOWS10-system) in a easy way?



we have a lot of PCs with connected "objects", Mobile-fones, eg. 


the work:

now we have to change continually the MS-System from version 7 to version10 by more than 470 PCs.


Question: is there an automatically way to take the "objects" to another PC at the SNOW-System?


- the PC hardware is all the same, because it is the "same" PC.

- the connected "objects" are all the same.

- the user ist the same.

- the connected objects are given to the "USER" and to the "PC"  (because we need all "objects" to the PC; cost and material overview, e.g.).


new situation:

but after "new" Installation of the PC with Microsoft10- system is given from our AD, than given to SCCM and send every night to SNOW.

so we get a "new"  PC2 additional (WINDOWS10-system) without the "objects".

also there is the "old" PC1 with MS-WINDOWS7-system (with the connected objects).

the PC1 we have to give to the archive at SNOW, but only after take the "objects" to the "new" PC2.