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SQL Server Components

Question asked by sven.schmitz on Aug 28, 2018
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short question regarding correct dealing with SQL Server Components like "Reporting Services", "Database Services" and so on.....


Actual we assigned all open requirements for SQL Server correct and in this case our compliance report show's no unassigned SQL Server Version...The only requirments that show's us a not compliant state are the named services. Our problem these services are used on clients and on this clients their is no full installation of SQL Server, only the components. So I am not able to assign a full SQL Server license to the clients because Snow told me after recalculation that the licenses cannot be assigned because their is no valid installation found.


Did anyone has an idea how I can manage this situation. Because in our compliance view it show's that we didn't have enough licenses and still has a Gap at SQL.


Thank's for your ideas.


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