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Import custom fields with web configurator.

Question asked by LM-StatisticSweden on Aug 24, 2018
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I try to import data for applications with SLM web configuarator.

To the end it will be an automated update for custom fields every night, but in the first activity it's just to find out for automated import of an excel-file from a share.



I got problem when I start the import.

There are several errors I hope some of you already have solved :-)


1. The service can't be stopped

2. Error while replicating import folder structure ob disk: Access to the path: 'C:\Program Files\Snow software\Snow License Manager\Services\ImportTool\Dataimport\Import\......\ImportSettings.config' is denied

3. Error message Could not save import configuration data  'C:\...\SnowSoftware.LicenseManager.Import.Service.exe.config' is denied.


Any idea to go further?


Best regards Birgitta