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SNOW AP - WAIT on Time (Delay)

Question asked by schulma on Aug 29, 2018
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Dear Community,


Due to a customer’s request, I’m actually implementing a workflow which should wait on a defined time for continuing - a delayed activity.

My simple idea was a follows:

1. Do things.

2. Wait on delay

3. Do things.


1. For any order placed by the user, a timestamp text file will be created with a fixed time value, which the user defines.

2.The scheduled task is initiated every 10 minutes, which proofs the defined delay and starts the activity or the Powershell if the defined time value (delay) has been reached.

3. It executes an activity afterwards.


As a downside, I cannot implement this step into a workflow, which would be great.


Alternatively, I could solve the delay into one activity inside of a workflow. But I guess, it would not be so wise to wait inside an executed Powershell for a periode of time.


Do you have any best practice solutions for a simple delay?


Thanks in advance.