Slippery Snowboards

Discussion created by Juha.Styrman Advocate on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by Marcel Hirsch

Personally I love Snowboards, they provide useful visual overview of statuses and alerts. You can also build your own Snowboards by using widgets. I have come across quite a few Snowboards and even widgets currently don't reach their full potential (=Snow needs to put more effort), They can be role specific, like for SAM, HAM, Mobile or even provide overall views for CxO's. Snowboards are effective.


So, before Snow releases rumored Persona Based Dashboards (with new features like subsidiary/business unit/department based widgets perhaps..?) please find collection below of Snowboards which I have gathered from different sources (SLM Demo portals, Snow Academy, Snow prezo's etc.). And if you have created effective Snowboard, please share it.