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Problems entering a SA renewal for Visual Studio

Question asked by lieve.geelen on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by lieve.geelen

I am trying to enter a license history for Microsoft Visual Studio Professional with MSDN in Snow. All goes well until I am trying to enter the last SA renewal, entitling the organization to current SA valid until the end of this year. The base license (the SA renewal before) is SKU 77D-00111. The SKU of the latest SA renewal purchased under MPSA is AAA-12599. When I upgrade the license for SKU 77D-00111, and I enter SKU AAA-12599, Snow only gives me a Visual Studio Professional 2013 with MSDN license as an option to enter and this is not correct, it should give me several versions,  of which more recent versions as current SA at this moment entitles to Visual Studio Professional 2017 or it should (preferably) give me a versionsless product description like Visual Studio Professional with MSDN.


I have tried everything, upgrading the license, entering a new license and attaching it to the base license, using the license import sheet with the base license ID in the "upgraded from license ID"column but whatever I try, the license ends up as incomplete or it will not let me save or the import gets refused. Must mention that this customer wants to have visual studio based on installations and not on primary user for good reasons, so not the recommended and applicable license per user model. Still, this should not be a problem as we have also changed the metric of the Visual Studio installations itself to "INSTALLATION". What could be causing this, anyone any idea