C# SCCM 2012 Administration Tool

Discussion created by sandeepkumar on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by DavidHobbs

Hi all, Im trying to program a simple administration tool for using with SCCM 2012. For our supporters, so they dont have to use Configuration Manager just for adding and removing applications from PCs.

I have made a little application so far, that list all the Add-On Collections in a ComboBox (e.g. adobe and so on) using query from SMS_Collection.

But i cannot figure out how i can add this collection to a computername/resource id?

Can anyone tell me a way? i studied SDK 2012 for SCCM but i still cant figure out how its done.

My code so far, but with a lot of commected out lines different things i tried.