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SAP Employee license - CD

Question asked by EGA on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2019 by Koen.schaeffers

Hi All,


May I know all display transactions/reports  can be accommodated in Employee license. For instance Plant maintenance reports , Production planning display transactions .Kindly confirm.Thanks in advance.


SAP Employee Definition - CD :

An SAP Application Employee User is a Named User authorized to perform the following roles supported by the licensed Software (excluding SBOP), all solely for such individual’s own purpose and not for or on behalf of other individuals:  Use (excluding the right to modify and/or customize) standard and interactive reports delivered with the licensed Software, (ii) perform talent management self-services (including employee appraisals, employee development plans, employee training registration, and employee opportunity inquiry and response), (iii) travel planning / expense reporting self services, (iv) perform desktop procurement self services, and (v) room reservation self-services. Each SAP Application Employee User also includes the rights granted under the SAP Application ESS User.