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License Entitlements

Question asked by Hary Advocate on Sep 5, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by Samuel

Hi All,

Please suggest regarding the license entitlements requirement.


We have an org structure-

ROOT/Org1   --- Parent

ROOT/Org1/OrgA  ---- Child

ROOT/Org1/OrgB  ---- Child

ROOT/Org1/OrgC  ---- Child

ROOT/Org1/OrgA/OrgP   ---- Child of OrgA

ROOT/Org1/OrgA/OrgQ   ---- Child of OrgA

ROOT/Org1/OrgB/OrgR  ---- Child of OrgB

ROOT/Org1/OrgB/OrgS  ---- Child of OrgB

ROOT/Org1/OrgC/OrgT  ---- Child of OrgB

ROOT/Org1/OrgC/OrgU  ---- Child of OrgB



The assignment of the license is organization. So, what we want is we have 1000 licenses and we want to allocate 1000  licenses unequally between-







How the requirement can be fulfilled?