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Agent Data not transfering from Inventory -> License Manager

Question asked by MStock on Sep 6, 2018
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we were able to do a trial run of the migration (Inventory 3->5 & SLM 7->8) thanks to the documentation and the amazing help from the Snow Support.


Now it seems like we are facing one last issue:


The newly acquired Inventory Data (Agents) do not get transfered from the Snow Inventory to the SLM (even after a Data Update Job). The Data seems to get transfered to the Inventory just fine (pops up right away after forcing a scan), yet in the end it doesn't appear in the License Manager itself. This was tested for a device that was already previously included in the Snow License Manager and a new device as well. 


Are there any log files related to this? The Data Update job seems to run through just fine. 


Note : We are running on Test Licenses (Under 50 Agents). While our Inventory has under 50 Agents for testing purposes, there are alot of old entries from our imported SLM database on the License Manager Website itself. Could this be a licensing issue due to the fact that SLM detects alot of old entries (that are not in use) ?