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Duplicate activity items after workflow import

Question asked by dnnsrnhrdt on Sep 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by dnnsrnhrdt

Hi @ll,


While working with customer systems but also in our test system, I noticed again and again that the import of a workflow almost always creates duplicates of existing activities. I have not yet fully understood on what basis Snow AP duplicates activities and when not. A small test case should clarify the problem and I am looking forward to informative answers.


System: latest Snow AP, with latest SAM AutomationBook from Snow FTP


Use Case:

Step 1:

I've created a simple workflow with default SAM AutomationBook activities.

I have not made any changes to the activities within the workflow, just added the blank activity and save the workflow.


Step 2:

I exported the workflow and deleted it from the system afterwards.

I didn't change any settings in Administer > Activity admin


Step 3:

Re-Import the workflow and now Snow AP tells me - match found, but parameters didn't match and a new actitivy will be created - ((1) is added to the new activity)




Since I didn't change any parameter of the activities during the export/import, what supposed difference does Snow AP recognize here?

This behavior also occurs when importing additional AutomationBooks. Certainly some activities have been changed, but there are guaranteed some that have not been changed. If you now import all AutomationBooks, you have partially 5 copies of one activity.

From my point of view, this makes dealing with exports more difficult for customers, since you have to rename the activities after each import. Furthermore, you have problems building new workflows if you can choose between five task activities.


I'm looking forward to explaining this and how others deal with it.