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Prevent Web App Metering for single user

Question asked by SnowCat Advocate on Sep 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2018 by detlev.eufinger2

Good Afternoon, morning, evening... wherever you may be!!

I'm just wondering from a speculative point of view if there is a way of turning off web app metering for any particular user.


Basically, we have had our first email through enquiring about how the Chrome Plug in is legal GDPR wise if he cannot switch it off. This is going to be handled by the security team as they are more clued up on GDPR but I was wondering if there was a method to stop his data being collect for web apps if he decides to 'opt out' as it were.


Presumably they can request their data not be collected as a whole for Snow (I know I could do user exclusion here) but then I imagine this would skew our license requirement numbers also.


Just curious for those who have more knowledge over the new regulations and if this has affected anybody as of yet?