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Reharvesting Software

Question asked by PeteS Advocate on Sep 18, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by PeteS

Hi, we currently don't have AP and I have seen several demos at Snow and read up on what it can do.

One issue we always face with re-harvesting software is that each country has to be treated as a separate entity. What they buy, they own etc. Not ideal, but that is how it is.

AP can assist with the re-harvesting, but can it be set to treat each organization/country separately e.g. if an office in Germany request 5 x MS Project licenses and they don't have any spares, would AP want to use surplus licenses from another country to fulfill the request or can it be configure to only supply from the country of request? And in the term of re-harvesting, is AP looking at unutilized assets to make full use of unused licenses?

Assume it can factor in a 90 day rule as MS don't allow software to be lifted and shifted within this timeframe.