Unassigned software

Discussion created by Dirk Advocate on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by markus.metzger

Hi all,


I was wondering why someone was complaining about the fact a certain version of a software was not reporting in the License Manager portal. 

So I took a deep dive into the material...

I found some information about creating new software and tried to experiment a bit. This is what I did:

Went to the License Management Server, opened the SMACC, opened Software recognition.

Here I found "unassigned software applications" and with some filtering I found the application I was looking for. 

With some magic I found the "right click" procedure to validate the software. 

Few days later it appeared into the reporting! Great!

But... I was also wondering: this was a software someone asked me for... what with other software? The list with "unassigned software" is quite long. Are there more applications which I miss into my reporting?

Also I discovered for example into the reporting I only see SQL 2016 Ent, while in real there is SQL 2014 Ent SP1 or SP3, ...

Does somebody have some good advice or some good tips and tricks about this?

The more I'm working with SNOW, the more I discover I have to learn a lot!

Thanks for posting!