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Virtual servers with Windows Failover Cluster missing in datacenter reports

Question asked by Christoph@TUEVSUED Advocate on Sep 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by Christoph@TUEVSUED

When checkung some of the datacenter reports in SLM I found that a lot of my servers were not listed as expected. All of these servers are runnning SQL Server AlwaysOn based on Windows Failover Cluster. Because of Windows Failover Cluster, the servers have multiple IP adresses which might confuse Snow Inventory or SLM.

I see the following symptoms:

  1. In the "Information" tab of the Server in SLM the entry "Host Computer name" is missing
  2. In the report "Physical and virtual servers per datacenter" the server is listed, but the columns "Status" and "Processor type" are empty, "Host cores" ist 0 and "Inventoried" is unchecked. The date in the column "Last scanned" is wrong, maybe it is the date of the last cluster failover
  3. In the report "Applications installed on virtual machines in a datacenter" the server is not listed at all

Anyone having the same issue and maybe knowing a workaround?

My Snow environment is up to date, I am using SLM 8.3.03, Snow Inventory 5.4.01 and Agent 5.3.0

I found an earlier report, created using SLM 8.3.02 the beginning of August, where the servers were identified correcty, so maybe this is a bug introduced in SLM 8.3.03 or by one of the Microsoft security updates.


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