Snow Update Service: The importance of maintaining Snow Update Service recognition updates

Discussion created by Sophie.Newman Employee on Oct 4, 2018

Latest version of Snow Update Service as of 4th October 2018 is 3.1.1


What does the Snow Update Service (SUS) do?

  • The SUS is used to update, Snow products and its components, software recognition also previously known as SRS (Snow Recognition System), now referenced as Data Intelligence Service (DIS).
  • The DIS holds the recognition, which is updated frequently. It contains updated application recognition, SKUs and other normalised data mappings.
  • The DIS database can be set to sync separately from auto installing product updates, this ensures that the recognition within Snow is maintained.
  • Batches of recognition updates are downloaded during the ‘Synchronize SRS Database’ task within the SUS.
  • The SUS is installed on the Snow Application Server for Snow License Manager and the Inventory Server (subject to set up) so that the products and their components can be maintained.
  • The SUS can also be used to update Automation Platform, a separate install of SUS is needed to update Automation Platform due to the complexities and differing requirements.
  • To enable Snow Update Service to download software updates, HTTPS outbound communication needs to be allowed on port 443.


Auto Updates

'Snow Inventory: DIS Rules' update automatically when enabled in the SUS. This can be enabled by ticking the 'Enable software recognition updates', this is recommended to be set to automatic unless company restrictions are in place. 


Multiple software recognition batches can be sent from the DIS team in 1 day, not having automatic updates enabled for any period of time, recognition could become out of date very quickly, missing critical application installations within your estate. From a compliance position, it is in your best interest to have visibility of all installs!


If there are restrictions to be considered, it is recommended that the SRS sync is left on and automatic product updates can be disabled.



Software / SKU recognition: Self submission

There are templates on the Snow Downloads page LINK that can be filled in and submitted to the local Support team through a ticket on the Support Portal.

Once reviewed and checked for accuracy, these updates will be packaged up for download in the subsequent SUS batches.


SRS-Stock Keeping Units (SKU) Template

SRS-Cloud Application Template



Offline Mode

Using Offline Mode disables all internet connection attempts. In order to install product and recognition updates these can be installed by receiving local packages from your local Support team.



Product updates

Product updates can be  automatically installed, at a specific time of day, suiting update windows.


These can be set to not automatically install and manually triggered, one at a time during a specific maintenance window.



In summary, it is recommended that the SRS updates are set to automatic to maintain the latest recognition.

Subject to internal processes, the products can be updated on maintenance schedules. 


In either scenario, updates should be factored in when the Snow platforms are moved into BAU phase.