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Snow Agent - WebConfigManager.CPP Error

Question asked by MStock on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by ester.memoli



we recently successfully migrated from SLM 7 & Inventory 3.7 to the newest version of each Application. 


We currently run a mixture of Agents on version 3.7 and 5.3 and they reach the Inventory Server and get transfered to the SLM Webpage just fine.


The only issue we are currently facing are some 500 Internal Server Errors in the Snow Agent Logs when it is trying to receive some sort of config file.


Agent 3.7 Log :

08:07:46 : ERROR: client64 Cannot get config. 500 Internal Server Error


Agent 5.3 Log :


2018-10-10T08:32:36+02:00; ERROR; snowagent; message_loop\messageloop.cpp; Client::MessageLoop::Handshake; Handshake failed. Cannot connect to server. No endpoint can establish a connection to the server.
2018-10-10T08:33:06+02:00; ERROR; snowagent; win32\webconfigmanager.cpp; snow::ConfigManager::UpdateConfig; Cannot get config. 500 Internal Server Error 쟾ጙ翸


I assume this is related to a idx endpoint? 

The snowagent.config has following endpoint configured : 
    <Setting key="idx.endpoint" value="" />


Which is also the IP & Port of the Snow Inventory Server. When trying to access that address in a webbrowser, it shows up as a 404 right away - so i assume this the faulty part.


Snowserver.config (Inventory) shows following IDX Endpoint :


Setter propertyName="SnowLicenseManagerConfigurationUri">"http://localhost/IDX/InventoryConfigUpdate.ashx"</Setter>


What exactly would be the correct idx endpoint address to receive the config? And in which config file exactly do you have to the define the endpoint?



I really appreciate the amazing support you guys gave me so far!


Best Regards