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SNOW versus ServiceNow as ITAM Tool

Question asked by Mark.Walther Advocate on Oct 12, 2018
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I am facing an issue that I need to re-sell SNOW as our primary ITAM tool. We recently moved an on-prem instance of ServiceNow to an off-prem being managed by a 3rd party. Somewhere along the way that 3rd party sold that fact that ServiceNow is a great ITAM tool and that any other tools can be eliminated. Worrisome news given the amount of work a couple of us have put into SNOW. 


We have proven ROI and SNOW's value, but IT Management is being sold a bill of goods that I do not feel compare well between SNOW and ServiceNow. 


My question to the community is, are there any suggestions on how to do this comparison of capabilities versus just listing what each tool does to compare? I am looking for help in creating a case to keep SNOW and use it to augment what ServiceNow does. I do have the Gartner magic quadrant info on where SNOW sits (and ServiceNow does not), but looking for help; maybe something that has not come to my kind yet. 


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Desperately seeking help.

Thank you.