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Why are some uninstalled apps still being reported on

Question asked by PeteS Advocate on Oct 16, 2018
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recently set about addressing some rogue installations. I contact the desktop team, they confirm app is uninstalled and yet when I re-run a report a couple of days later it it still being reported as being installed.

However, when I drill into each device I can see the said application highlighted in orange which is an indicator that this has been uninstalled.

If an auditor requested a report, these would still be present, how can I get Snow to report a true view without having to drill into each device?

In addition to this, why don't the standard reports in Snow reflect the correct position either.


During some audits we will get asked to report on a set list of attributes and I don't really want to have to tweak a report after, sometimes an auditor would want to see the report as it pulls down from Snow and the uninstalled applications will still be present.


Suggestions welcome, or is this something to do with the configuration in SMAC as this is managed by my service provider.