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Handling renamed Computers in SLM the SNOW Way 

Question asked by TnJ8cR Advocate on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 5, 2019 by Shazberry

Dear all, 


we got some trouble with duplicated computers through the following use cases: 

- Renamed Computer name 

- Changing OS (new) 

- New Bios Serial Number (Defect Mainboard) 

(This cases can (maybe) be combined) 


If we set the status to Archived, the following problems occur:


- The archived Computers are reported to our accounting department to remove these objects from our financial inventory, but the object will remain (active and in use) in the company 

- The licensing information form the past (metering) will not be attached to the new object, so we lost the data and information

- since the computer is double inventoried in snow, a double license requirement is generated until the computer is archived

- We cannot compare the archive list to the active Computer list


We also cannot delete the object because we will lost the history and the data of the object in SNOW (if the object is deleded we cannot even see if the computer was inventoried and licensed)



If the object gets archived, there has to be an reason (e.g.: by agent/ automatic, manual, renaming, reinstall, changing hardware components), so that the reported data is more meaningful. -> if possible there should be an option, to chain the old data with the new data. So no information from the history get lost (like. metering).


Is there a snowy way (best practice) that we can use to solve our problem?