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How to handle cloud instances that change frequently?

Question asked by ennorab on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by T.Howland

Hi - new to the world of Snow and SAM, and just getting our organisation up and running with agents etc.


I'm looking to understand how organisations are tracking their cloud inventory such as AWS instances or Azure VM's. In particular, where the instances are spun up and down on a regular basis through automation. We have, for example, our development environment that has around 200 instances running spun up during the day and are then terminated in the evening. The next day a new set of instances will be spun up with completely new IP's, hostnames, MAC addresses etc.

This is replicated throughout our environments from test, to pre-production and production (with less frequency of changes to production of course - however we still deploy fortnightly a new release through the CI/CD pipeline).


I can't see how best to manage this scenario because if all the instances are spun up through automation (from templates) - those templates would have the Snow agent installed and we would soon start to see a LOT of computers showing up in the Snow portal, many of which would no longer be in existence.


Is it therefore not worth deploying the agents out in this way?

Does the AWS integration solve this in any way?

How are you tackling this problem in your environments?

Should we focus on only keeping a manual tracking of the AMI (templates)?


I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on this.