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How to update (existing) snowagent.config via SMACC?

Question asked by Dirk Advocate on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by Dirk

Hi all,

Step-by-step I'm learning more and more about the magic world of SNOW. 

I'm now at the stage I want to change the configuration of existing agents. I've been reading the USerguide for Adminconsole, I have been reading some posts here... but I cannot find this particular solution.

What I already tried out:

  • I created a view with one computer (to test).
  • I copied the snowagent.config file and made some changes (SITENAME) and saved again with the same name (as far as I understood in the posts here, it's critical the config file has this name).
  • I created a new "Agent update event" and iso choosing a new agent, I choose to add a new support file (my adapted snowagent.config).
  • I linked this to the correct view an launched.
  • After a day or so, I found the agent update was failed (which I already noticed in the SLM UI).

Could somebody tell me :

  • what the correct procedure is to perform this kind of job?
  • Can I send the same config-file as well to Windows/Linux? If yes, it's less work in creating views.
  • Create new view
  • Create new update


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