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WebEx Reporting - SLM

Question asked by Stupot on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by Marcel Hirsch

Hi Guys,  First post apologies if its in the wrong area. 


I'm looking into Webex usage across the business.  I get a lot of users flagged up in Snow as having Webex Meeting Centre.  A licensable product (including myself).  What I think has happed is, I've probably joined a webex at somepoint and Snow identifies me as having a client installed.  I've done a full search of my machine and cant find any reference to Wedex on it at all. 


Has anyone managed to report an ELP on Webex through Snow?  Do you have any tips for me please?


Is there away to tell Webex is actually installed as opposed to a user has once joined a Webex?  Surely this is possible but I couldn't distinguish from the installs. 



Thanks for taking the time to read my question

All the Best!