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Inventory: snowagent and it's configuration

Question asked by steffen.heuke Advocate on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by steffen.heuke

Dear community,


we use the System Center Configuration Manager from Microsoft to collect data from clients.

Now i will test the snowagent on my client, so that i can use it for some server.

I exported an config file for the snow support team and i got my snowagent.msi.

I installed the client and some days passed.

Today i would look if i have some data collected via snowagent but in the SMACC i will get these info:



First question, where can i see from which agent the data where collected?


I studied this pdf for informations:



The selftest on bottom:



No return code so it's successful?

But i don't get the webpage for inventory server.

Do i have to configure something in the smacc or integration manager?


Some help needed :-)


thanks and have a great weekend